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While our website is under construction rest assured that it is fully functional, safe to search and purchase coins from and is PCI compliant.  Over the next weeks we will be making adjustments to the site but during that period if you would like to see pictures of a particular coin please call or email us and we will work to the best of our ability to send you a picture within a reasonable period of time during normal working hours.  Should any other issues arise or you have questions about our inventory or making a purchase please feel free to call us between 9:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday at 1-800-225-7264 and ask to speak with one of our knowledgeable numismatists.

We offer over a century of combined numismatic experience, we can help you do anything from expanding your coin collection to making wise numismatic purchases.

Newest Purchases

1938-D Commemorative Half Dollar Texas PCGS MS-66 CAC

CAC, A lustrous brilliant 66 with only 3,775 struck.


Highlighted Purchases

1836 Gobrecht $1 Original PCGS Proof-12

This is one of the classics of American numismatics.  Regular production of silver dollars ended in 1803 although some examples dates 1804 were minted specifically for dignitaries.  Due to the thirst for coinage during the 1830’s, silver dollar production was reauthorized in 1831 but dies were not finished until 1836.  Chief engraver Christian Gobrecht designed the new dollar coin and they were minted in very limited quantities.  Some collectors think of these as patterns and some including the Redbook classify them as both patterns and regular issue coins.

The example offered here is considered an “original” meaning that it was part of the first batch of 1000 coins minted before the die was modified and the alignment of the dies were changed.  This particular coin is a well worn Fine-12 graded by PCGS and due to its’ rarity and popularity is very desirable.  The surfaces are a warm grey and given the degree of wear does not have any real detractions such as scratches or marks of any sort.




  • I Love My Saint!

    "For the past four years I've had RCNH in pursuit of a "nice" common date MS67 Saint. One might reckon this endeavor to be easily achieved within a year, when accounting for the modest population in this grade. However Warren's strict grading standards precluded us from settling on just an ordinary 67. When I recently received word from Dave that Warren found a coin he liked, I knew it would be technically superior. When I opened the box and pulled my coin out, I was looking at a stunning Saint with incredible eye appeal. Ultra clean, original, and with rich color. This is unquestionably one of the finest Saint Gaudens in existence. Thank you Dave and Warren. Indeed, you did it!...I love my Saint!"
  • My Deepest Respect

    "...Finally, my deepest respect goes to you and everyone else at RCNH. As I have already told you, I would probably stop collecting if RCNH did not exist."
  • High Standards

    "Wow! What great coins that arrived today. They exceed the high standards that I expect from RCNH..... Great doing business with you."
  • Far Surpassed

    "My package arrived today and it was packaged so well it took me 20 minutes to open it up but it was worth the wait. Just when I thought you were not paying attention to my want list my representative called me with a coin. It far surpassed anything I could have bought or have seen in years. Thank you very much."
  • Superb

    "Wow! When I saw this coin on your website I immediately ordered the coin online... When it arrived in the mail I said to myself "Oh my; I can't believe it!". A superb 64 indeed...to me it looks MS-65 any day of the week. Your coins are everything that customer testimonials say they are and I will definitely be diligently watching your web site! Thank you!"
  • Problem Free

    "I don't know how you do it. The 1797 Half Dime you just sent me is fantastic! Original, nicely toned, problem free - I don't know how you find early U.S. coins of this caliber.
  • Consistently Accurate

    "Hi, I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the five coins that arrived. They are exactly what I have come to expect from Rare Coins of New Hampshire. Your descriptions are consistently accurate and the grading is on target. It is comforting to purchase coins and know that the quality and originality will be there. There is no fear of purchasing problem coins from your firm because you just don't sell them. I appreciate the wide-range of grades and prices that you offer to fill the niche of virtually any collector who values original coins with plenty of character"
  • Customer Service is Your Number One Priority

    "It is with a great sense of satisfaction that I write you today. It seems that customer service is your number one priority and I am truly grateful for that. Dealers can be short with you, they can sell over graded and lower quality material just to make a buck. At RCNH, the opposite is true and as a consumer I am convinced of your philosophy, it is palpable. Scans and nice descriptions, emails and follow-ups accompanied the sale. It's nice to buy good coins. It's even nicer having a quality experience to go with it!"


March 2014 Baltimore

We took off for Baltimore on the tail end of a snow storm and bounced around from start to finish.  Thankfully, that was the only problem we encountered.    I started the day before the show opened, viewing auction lots for customers.  We offer this service to our clients to prevent them from buying anything that is not the cream of the crop.  When I was done, I could not recommend bids on any lot.  To me, it was a conglomeration of recycled stale inventory coins thrown in the auction along with the odd decent piece.  I was shocked at the overall dismal quality of the lots.  This was a sale that the price conscious could buy a coin on the cheap thinking they got a bargain, until they try to resell.


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