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Questions from our Mailbag

By Warren Mills

“I saw a photo of the 1933 Double Eagle.  Does it look like an MS-65 to you?”

Has anyone taken a look at the front cover of the July 2021 Greysheet?  Take a good look and tell me if that piece looks like an MS-65 and CAC too!  I believe this $18.872 million dollar coin looks like an MS-64 at best.  However, this coin is such a historically significant numismatic treasure that in my opinion, you could call it any grade you want!  In numismatics, ultra-rarity can supersede true grade.  It could be called an MS-63 and receive a gold CAC, or even VG!  A coin of this caliber is a unique part of history.  Call it what you want, it’s still a numismatic wonder.  There are other tremendous rarities out there that may be graded a touch on the high side.  Look at how many times the king of Siam coins were graded!  They are all treasures regardless of the holder. 
Thanks for your question J.R.