Central States 2015

on 28 April 2015. Posted in News

I made a last minute decision to go to the Central States Show in Schaumberg, IL.  It’s been over 10 years since I attended one, so it was time.  Dealer setup was Wednesday with a nifty little $100 Early Bird entry fee.  I reluctantly paid but it was worth it to get an early shot at fresh material.  Dealer Day was quiet.  It was like going to church on a Friday afternoon!  This gave me a chance to cover the bourse quickly and go out with a couple of our clients to appraise their collection.  Thursday saw a decent amount of public attendance which I was thankful for.  Yes, there still is some life in the coin business.  I’m guessing that there were about 250 tables total. Overall, a bit of a quiet show but we did find some very select pieces for our customers.  Please check our new inventory listings at your leisure. 

We continue to do very well with coins we submit to CAC for our clients or from our regular inventory.  Our last submission was 17 for 19 with one gold sticker!  CAC is well received but you still must buy the coin, not the holder or sticker. 

There are many over-dipped coins in holders on the bourse floor, unfortunately, many of these have CAC stickers because they are market acceptable.  In my opinion, we are stewards for future generations of coin collectors.  Coins that maintain their original surfaces are getting harder and harder to find.  If the grading services and CAC had this mindset, we’d have a much more educated client base which would benefit everyone.

We’ve had people come in for appraisals recently and are very dismayed by the amount of counterfeits that are in the market.  Please be on your toes and resist that “to good to be true” bargain.

Social media can be great and also bad.   Some people give negative feedback because they have no concept of valuing coins or determining authenticity.  It’s the old kill the messenger syndrome.  If you have a pleasant experience, it’s always nice to be recognized with a positive and kind word.

Our raw or uncertified coins continue to please our clients tremendously.  This past week, we submitted three raw coins from our inventory for clients that took us up on our guarantee that any raw coin sold by RCNH will certify at the grade it was sold or better.

The coins submitted were as follows;

1905 Indian Cent sold by us as AU-58, came back PCGS AU-58
1912 Lincoln Cent sold by us as AU-58, came back PCGS MS-63 RB.  We mentioned that this coin did have friction but that it could certify as Unc.
1861 $2 ½ sold by us as AU-50, came back PCGS AU-55.

We love and enjoy our hobby and that’s why collectors love our coins and I guess PCGS does too!  We are still the only dealer in the country that gives the guarantee on any and all of our raw coins.

Feel free to contact us for anything we can do to help you with your collecting needs.

Thank you.

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