Updates on CAC and Silver

on 28 July 2015. Posted in News


Not all coins are the same.  Line up 10 PCGS or NGC certified coins that are the same date and grade and there will be high-end coins, mid-range and low-end.  And yet they are all graded the same!  Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) offers a service to identify the top end of the grade spectrum by affixing a green sticker to the holder.  If they affix a gold sticker, they feel the coin is worthy of the next grade up:  i.e. an MS-65 with a gold sticker will be traded as an MS-66 grade coin.

We have always said to buy the coin and not the holder.  The market premium for high-end coins for the grade is undeniable.  Just check auction records.  High-end coins offer better values.  When we search for want list coins, the average will never do.  We want to just skim the cream of the crop.  And I believe our CAC results show it!

For example:  July 21st…Inv. #10139860; 19 stickers on 20 coins submitted but one gold stickered.  So is that 19 ½ for 20?

For example:  July 24th…Inv. #10139861; 17 for 20.

In June we had invoices that were all CAC accepted or with 1 or 2 not stickered.  I have to admit, if I have a CAC invoice of our coins that is not at least 80% successful, I am disappointed.  Most of the dealers I speak to have a 20% to 40% success rate.  Come see the difference of RCNH coins.  We are still the only company that guarantees any raw coin we sell will certify to the grade or better by PCGS too!



Last week I placed a standing order for a bag of silver and it is still unfilled!  I know the metals are dropping but for silver it is not for economic reasons.  The supply is non-existent for circ. silver coins or junk silver.  My recommendation is to get it where you can.  I would never recommend speculating the market.  However, if you plan on acquiring silver in the future, I would say to get it now if you can.  What good is a cheap price with no availability!  I figured a collection last week that was about 80% circ. silver coins.  I figured them at 12 to 12.5 X face.  My sell was 12.5 to 13 X face; the halves are the higher price.  I lost the deal because conservatively, someone had to pay a minimum of 15 X face or better!  Wow, I was blown away.

If dealers are stepping up and willing to pay an anticipated premium of that much, it may be time to get some now.  My suppliers are out and so are we.

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