on 10 November 2016. Posted in News

By Warren Mills

I arrived in Baltimore on the morning of Wednesday, November 2nd for 3 days of diligent searching at the Whitman Coin Show.  We are starting to see a bit of a turnaround in business activity.  So my sole purpose in Baltimore was to buy coins for our inventory.  As soon as I arrived at the hotel, it was all business.  I saw about ten dealers pre-show at the hotel and purchased something from all of them.  That’s a good start!  When the show opened on Thursday morning, it was one deal after another.  There was a fair buzz throughout the show and steady activity.  Some dealers had a good day on Thursday but a so-so day on Friday and vice versa.  I can’t say the market is hot, but I was pleased with the selection of coins I found.  It was unusual for me to find exceptional coins that we could immediately place in want lists.  The only drawback is that even though it was the best show I’ve had for buying in years, almost everything was immediately placed with customers.  If you go to our site, you will not see the usual mix we have after a major show.  Virtually every 5-figure coin I purchased went right to our eager base of client friends.  I spent anywhere from 2 to 4 times what I normally spend at a show and virtually all of it is gone already. 

Please view our new purchases which are now less than 40 coins, which is only 1/3 of the coins I purchased at the show!  It’s a nice feeling to sell 2/3rd’s of our new inventory before we can even post it!  However, I apologize for having fewer coins posted than normal but it’s for an excellent reason.  I will try to add pieces here and there as new items of interest come our way.

I’ve been asked again to participate in the annual Crystal Ball Survey for The Rosen Numismatic Advisory.  I will post the questions and my answers as soon as Maurice gives me the okay.  This survey is a good read for anyone with a mild to major interest in the coin market.  You will see it on our e-letter probably in December.

I can always use questions to answer for our e-letter too!  So if any burning thoughts are running through your mind, please let me know.



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