Like many involved with coins, Lou became interested in coins at a very young age, influenced by his grandfather. Though his grand-dad was not a collector, he loved American and European history, creating an interest in historical artifacts which included coins of the world. Six years study of Latin and two of ancient Greek in high school, reading Caesar, Cicero, Virgil and Xenophon, led to an interest in ancient coins. Sadly, his entire collection was stolen while still in his teens, though his stamp collection was untouched. College, graduate school, then work took over for many years, traveling to and working in 44 countries for more than 30 years. More recently he taught mathematics and physical sciences at a local university for last ten years. All the while the interest in coins continued until the opportunity came about in early 2014 to revisit this great hobby/avocation and to join RCNH for total immersion in the business, learning from the collective experience of the exceptional professional numismatists at RCNH. Coin interests are early 19th century silver and copper, especially varieties, often a result of expedience and reuse of dies.

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