ANA Report 8/20/2010

on 20 August 2010. Posted in News

After 28 years, the ANA was as close to our backyard as could be.  The northeast is a nice area for coins and collectibles so we were hoping for a strong attendance so the show would be back near us again soon.  Wednesday & Thursday were decent but the August vacation month really took a toll on the public attendance the last 2 days.  In general, I would call is a so-so ANA.

The auctions were very strong.  We normally will consign some of our so-so coins to auction and every coin exceeded our expectations by a large amount.  My thoughts are that when people can’t attend a show personally, they get involved with the frenzied mentality of checking auctions and get caught up in high grade competitive bidding that may be a poor value.  It is quite common for me to attend shows and view auction lots for many clients over many years’ time.  Now, with the passing of time, those knowledgeable collectors have passed on or retired from collecting.  Keep in mind we will always examine lots or coins for clients anytime free of charge.  How about getting the most value for your money!  A nice change don’t you think?  I know dealers that represent clients at auctions that will bid on anything as long as they get their fees.  We have never engaged in such unethical behavior and will never conduct ourselves as such either.

A special “thank you” to all our clients and friends that came by to thank us for showing them the ins and outs of grading and assisting with their registry sets or collections.  It’s a nice feeling to contribute to the enjoyment of the hobby and supply great coins and solid value.  We love coins and we are not backed by multimillionaires.  Everything we have is self funded by us, and we appreciate every person that trusts us to assist them in any way.  Our problem is that we are so technical with our grading that we pass on many coins that people need due to our strict standards.  One quick story…A registry client from Baltimore took a handful of his set to the Baltimore show for Secure Plus grading in the hopes of a Plus Grade.  The only coins that made the Plus Grade were purchased from Rare Coins of New Hampshire.  No surprise, we hear it all the time.  By the way, there are many Plus coins in the market that I am not impressed with.  Don’t be enamored by a Plus sign.  Please examine the coin to see if it deserves this designation.  ALWAYS BUY THE COIN, NOT THE HOLDER.  Until there are more dealers than David Hall put up bids for Plus coins, the jury is still out.  Considering how nominal the prices are above regular grades, it will remain that way.

I know some dealers that are able to sell multimillions of dollars in coins said they had a great show at the ANA.  For us, it’s always hunt for the best and leave the rest.  We didn’t find a lot of coins, just a few very nice ones.  So, if you want to help us say we sold multimillions of dollars of coins, please check us out and give us a chance to earn your business.  We won’t wow you with flowery talk…just wonderful coins.

Thank you.

Warren Mills

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