Consumer update 11/30/2010

on 30 November 2010. Posted in News

Please check to be sure you are not being taken on your bullion acquisitions. We just saved a client over $2,000 on a half bag of silver!

It’s a great blessing and lots of fun to work at your hobby. Since we work at our hobby, we take coins very seriously. The market has come to our way of thinking, “buy the coin not the holder.” It has always been our mantra.   Did we tire from the old thoughts that if coins are certified they are all the same, of course we did! We really felt bad about people not wanting to learn. I don’t know if they were victims of frugality or lack of trust but now with CAC, Pluses & Stars, I guess we have a bit of vindication and justification from our position.

We received a call from one of our registry clients on Monday evening, 11/29. He believed our philosophy but found us a bit later in his acquisitions.   At the November Baltimore Show he took some of his rarer items and resubmitted them to PCGS Secure Plus. Five of the coins were acquired from us and five from another well known dealer. End results….all five of ours are in a Secure Plus holder as a MS-65+ to MS-67+. Most are now Pop 1 coins for their designations. All I can say is thank you for your trust. And for those that don’t know us, to give real numismatists a chance to earn your business. It may be very rewarding.
Thank you.
Warren Mills

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