Pre ANA Report 7/20/2012

on 20 July 2012. Posted in News

As a follow up to our last posting, the coins in the Land of Smiles Liberty Nickel collection did very well.  It goes to show you that top quality coins even in a quiet market do very well.  Liberty Nickels are not exactly on a runaway upward swing, however the coins in this collection were exceptional.  Of the coins in the set that did sell that we helped acquire for the set, the consignor cost was $241,902; with a price realized of $480,282.  I wish the timing of the sale of this great collection would have coincided with a market in a cyclical upswing…but it didn’t. 

We take great pride in being offered the opportunity to help select coins for any and all of our clients whether for Registry Sets or single type pieces.  The exercise and care of loving coins and having the knowledge to acquire the best for grade will usually lead to better liquidity and potential appreciation regardless of how strong or weak the market is.

Once again, we were solicited to send coins to the ANA for their summer session grading seminars.  Multiple calls came from ANA staff as well as numismatists teaching the courses and after the last two years of them not sending us back our coins for weeks after the classes ended  I was reluctant to send them again.  I was assured that the coins would be returned in a more timely fashion but that our coins were needed because they were so nice for the grade and original.  Budding numismatists need to see original coins to learn what they are supposed to look like!  After being assured two weeks ago they were shipped, I received an e-mail that they were sent registered mail yesterday, July 19th.  Thanks again ANA for saying they would be returned and then telling us they were sent two weeks ago and were still there!  I was a bit perturbed but I feel better now because a student that took the course called me to say that our coins were awesome and that the instructors raved about how nice our coins were.  He thanked me for sending them.  I must say that call did take the edge off.

As we prepare for the ANA, we are going to have a dynamite inventory for the show.  I know knowledgeable dealers will be lined up to see our wares.  We will probably do well over 90% of our overall business with other dealers and it is comforting to know that most knowledgeable buyers in the country continue to want to see our coins.   Maybe it is wishful thinking but I hope we can place some of our coins with collectors that act as stewards for the preservation of nice original coins.  We will continue to add nice coins until we leave on August 6th.

Go to our website and let me know if any coins fit your collector needs.  I’ll post our next update of the ANA Show around mid-August.

Numismatically Yours,

Warren Mills

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