Baltimore Show Report 11/26/2012

on 26 November 2012. Posted in News

We had the best Baltimore Show ever in terms of wholesale and retail sales!  Again, dominated by dealers that know coins.  Fresh original and strict grading brought dealers to our coins.  I heard it often that, “this is a Warren Mills coin,” meaning that the coin was top of the line in all ways and it continued when the public came in.  We sold some very nice coins to happy collectors.  Also, the buying was tough.  The usual commercially graded, dipped and over-graded coins were everywhere.  It was the best of times for selling and the worst of times for buying.

I am a bit concerned about PCGS and submissions.  They already charge a handling fee and a packaging fee and look for new developments soon from them to make money to keep share holders happy.  The announcements will be big….further dipping into submitters pockets for money which will increase business expenses yet again!  I would not be surprised if they are grading coins much quicker than they are letting submitters know.  Coins are, I suspect being graded and not posted for weeks later.  We warned of submissions going down due to a lack of fresh coins coming to market for years.  They’ve come up with grading moderns, foreign, bullion and now new announcements for getting money that may shock the dealer and collector community!  You’ll be hearing about it soon.

A dealer recently bought 30 fake K-rands over the counter!  Watch for a counterfeit scare that may cause renewed interest in numismatics.  I would be more comfortable buying a certified and authentic early coin than a bullion piece, however, be diligent about counterfeit holders.  Now, more than ever, a knowledgeable trusted dealer will be a very valuable friend….Your friends at RCNH.



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