RCNH Loses a Good Friend 2/11/2013

on 11 February 2013. Posted in News

We are very blessed to work at our hobby and don’t take it lightly to be stewards of the numismatic field.  It can be frustrating to see long time clients that get impatient and get sold a bill of goods but that can happen in any field.  Our stance of “buying the coin and not the holder” along with “quality doesn’t cost it pays,” are what we believe.  It is a nice feeling to be trusted to provide great value, beauty and future demand by selling the nicest coins in the industry. 

This past F.U.N. show had coins consigned to the Heritage Sale that were purchased from RCNH that brought as much as 19 times bid!  When registry collectors send coins to CAC that they purchased from various dealers throughout the industry, RCNH coins stand among the best with very high CAC percentages.  We also try to have a family relationship with our clients.  There are many times when we jump into the fray to help people get money back or do anything we can to help...  if not us,  then who else?  All the while we provide top notch coins and an educational stance with a willingness to always help.  It is because of this attitude for unyielding compromise that we sell less but the best.  Now any one can read a label and have no clue about the technical grade (sounds like most dealers)  let alone possess the ability to educate a client.  Frustration builds and due to this frustration our friend, Jon Rosenthal has left RCNH.  He said he couldn’t work for another dealer because NO other dealer cares as much as we do about our clients or employees.  So he is leaving the coins business.  It’s tough when you want only the best coins for your clients.  He is my friend and always will be welcome at RCNH…a collector that started as a client and became a member of the RCNH family for twelve years.  He will be missed.  I encourage any of Jon’s clients to call or e-mail to help us with the transition.  Good luck, Jon.

I recently have seen flyers turning up in a newsletter that recommend us that are advertisements for other companies that the newsletter does not recommend.  This is a bit confusing to me, the newsletter recommends their clients only buy from recommended dealers like us but SELL advertising to dealers who they do not recommend, am I missing something?  I’m sorry to see these newsletters go to the dark side for dollars.  I encourage anyone that buys gold or silver bullion to check with us.  We saved one of these newsletter subscribers $2,000 on a half bag of junk silver!

Our position has always been the same on companies that sell modern high grades.  Buy these items directly from the mint and slab them yourselves.  Beware of insert recommendations and check with us first.

We have a ton of new coins out for grading.  PCGS is jammed now so when our coins come back, we will be listing them and running new ads in Coin World & Numismatic News.



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