CAC Submission 2/15/2013

on 15 February 2013. Posted in News

I know the industry average for getting a CAC sticker on coins is pretty low for most dealers.  Recently we heard of a 60 coin submission of which only two coins got stickered.  CAC will only affix a sticker to a coin if they feel it is at the high end of the grade spectrum.  Then they will affix a small green sticker to the right front of the holder.  In very rare cases, if they feel a coin is under graded, they will affix a gold sticker to the holder.  The gold sticker means that they feel the grade is 1-point higher than on the current holder and will pay the next grade price for the coin.  Recently on a slow day, I picked out of our inventory 18 coins to submit.  The submission form is for 20 coins so I picked out a couple of our wholesale coins to fill in the gap.  Here are the results:

Both wholesale coins did not CAC.  15 of 16 collector coins received a green sticker and two coins received a gold sticker.  So our retail coins actually went 17 for 16.  Fifteen green stickers and 2 gold stickers which in essence are like two-pointer upgrades.  Not bad at all from a percentage standpoint. 

Someday we would love an opportunity to sell you some nice original coins.   Please call or e-mail to see the RCNH difference.

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