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Between show or ads, I like to send in a mix of our collector inventory coins, with a few of our wholesale coins sprinkled in to CAC.  Wholesale coins are pieces we feel are not P.Q. for the grade and not worthy for retail consideration.  In the past, when we have sold wholesale pieces to dealers, we have seen many posted as P.Q. in other company inventories.  Our technical grading combined with eye-appeal and originality means we ascribe to a higher standard.  We’ve been singing this song for decades so CAC verification was a logical service for us to support.  Please find our last 3 CAC Invoices and results as follows:

Invoice #10100762 – 20 coins submitted; 15 worthy of our retail inventory and 5 wholesale coins.  The results were 16 for 20 with all 15 of our retail coins CACing but 3 gold stickered.  One of our 5 wholesale coins also CAC’ed.

Invoice #10100763 – 20 coins submitted; all from retail inventory.  The results were 20 for 20 with 2 gold stickers.

Invoice #10100764 – 9 coins submitted; all from retail inventory.  The results were 8 for 9 with one not CACing because of a red sticker affixed to the holder for PVC by CAC. 

Overall results were 43 of 48 with 5 gold stickers and 1 PVC.

We know that we may have a personal standard that is slightly different than CAC but we always hope to fall in the 80% to 90% acceptance range.  If you factor in the gold CAC’s as 2 pointers, the 3 invoices could be considered a 48 for 48.  It is still impressive to have 5 of 48 coins merit a gold sticker.

If you are sending coins to CAC and having poor results, come into the light!  We will be happy to review any coins and give our opinion as to why they did not work.  In some instances, I may not agree with CAC and I will explain why.  The benefit is to have your own grading standards.  You may also want to consider buying from a company that grades on a technical basis, like us!  It’s always a pleasure to see RCNH coins set record auction prices as in the Heritage FUN sale or enhance registry sets.  We are old time collectors and that is why we are the only company that guarantees our non-certified coins will certify by PCGS and NGC at the grade we sell them or grade higher.  If our raw coins are that strict, imagine how our certified coins are! 

We hope to welcome you into the RCNH family.


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