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A quick CAC update from our latest collector coin submission:  Invoice #10100765; 19 for 20 green stickers; no gold stickers.  I’ll take 95% any day.  And these aren’t cheap coins;  an 1856 Flying Eagle Cent; a Proof-65 No Motto Quarter;  (5) early US gold pieces including scarcer dates in MS-64 to MS-67 grades;  all CAC’s but one.  We feel this is significant because the whole premise behind CAC is Premium Quality for grade, which we have advocated since our inception.  Now it’s not just us saying we strive for the best, it’s being independently verified.

Invoice #10100766 was 4 for 4.  All coins were better gold pieces.  So we went 23 for 24 in total.

Now the pretender aspect comes in from what I have viewed being sold by other companies to unknowledgeable clients.  A new customer sent us an 1878-S roll of dollars which were sold as select B.U.  The first coin out of the roll is Choice A.U. and so on down the line.  A little wash here, a pin scratch damage there and a $1,300 roll turns into $800.  What is a person to think?  We guarantee any uncertified coin we sell or any individual coin in a roll to certify to the grade or better.  How is a client to know that we are the only company to do this?  The roll came from a firm that sells a hundred times more sales than we do, as a guess.  How many people are buying, with no knowledge, misrepresented coins all over the country?  Many firms are in business just taking advantage of the new hot area.  What’s a client to do besides contacting RCNH?  And this happens often when we review customer purchases.  First have a guaranteed return privilege.  Second, go to a trusted firm to verify the value.  If unsure…go to a PNG dealer.  Keep in mind, an unknown dealer you use to verify could pan another’s material just to get your business.  Third, let the dealer you are buying from know your intentions to verify what you are purchasing.  Fourth, check all dealer references.  Fifth, the Better Business Bureau is not a credible reference.  Many bad firms both past and present were members of the Better Business Bureau.  Sixth, give us a try….YES we sell bullion too?

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