on 01 April 2013. Posted in News

I have to admit, in this business you have to go a long way to shock me, but I was just shocked.  A few years ago, we started a relationship with a West Coast specialist that collected half dimes and dimes.  He contacted us because he heard of our reputation for selling the strictest graded coins with nice eye-appeal.

  Since we regard ourselves as stewards for future generations of collectors, we try to also focus on originality.  We also try to establish a personal relationship to go the extra mile for all our clients and usually things blossom into a strong friendship.  After a few years of placing coins with our collector friend, he called me about sending his coins to CAC and wanted my opinion.  I said it can’t hurt and worst case scenario, you get another opinion from competent numismatists on your coins.  He mulled it over and sent all of his coins in.  Twenty five of his coins were purchased from us.  The results are what shocked me!  He called to tell me how his coins did at CAC.  He said RCNH did the best!  In the interim he had a conversation with another one of our West Coast customers.  They made a friendly bet.  The bet was that 24 of RCNH’s coins would CAC.    When the results came in, the submitter called and said to our other client that he lost the bet.  The results were 16 green stickers and 9 gold stickers….a perfect 25 for 25 with 9 golds to boot!   Wow, I am still in shock.  These results made me very happy and our client was elated.  I said “well maybe it was just a lucky day at CAC for you”, and he said “okay no, that’s not the case.”   Two very prominent dealers he acquired coins from had none work.  Now I’ve submitted coins to CAC that I thought should work for clients that didn’t and vice versa but in this case, the coins were submitted by the client himself with no distinction as to where they were acquired from.

My question to you, “Is it time to make a call or e-mail and see what RCNH is all about?”

Our last market update confused some readers.  When we go to a show, we take our inventory.  If a dealer sees our coins and wants to pay the price, we sell them.  There is no fire sale.  Our coins are out for knowledgeable buyers to see.  Some are more knowledgeable than others and willing to pay for good quality.  Dealer or not, if they want to pay, they can own a great coin.  We don’t buy coins we have pre-sold to customers; we just buy great coins we know will sell.  Check our website to see great coins before others do.  If you don’t, someone else will buy them.  Call me if there is any clarification needed.



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