Renewing Old Acquaintances 10/8/2013

on 08 October 2013. Posted in News

I spoke with a client that I met about 15 years ago.  He’s a nice man that loves coins but not an astute grader.  I told him any time he needed help to let me know.  He’s never spent much money with us but about once a year he’ll call to ask me if it’s okay to send up a batch of coins for me to grade.  I say “sure” and charge him nothing just to help hone his grading skills.  We actually do that for a lot of clients!  He asked me if I remembered when we met.  I said “I know where we met.”  His response was “I tell everyone I know that is into coins the story.”   I have to paraphrase now:   “I came to see you and offered you an Isabella Quarter for $300.  You said if you bought it, you’d be stealing it from me.  That it is really worth more than ten times the number and that it should be certified.  So I gave it to you and you sent it to PCGS and it graded MS-66.”

The coin is beautifully toned…probably worth more like $6,000 than $300.  Yes, I could have given him what he wanted…taken full advantage and he never would have known.  That’s not how we operate.  Whether buying or selling, we want clients to be treated fairly.  Yes, our quest for nice original coins means we charge more than a run-of-the-mill piece.  But, whether you buy from us or sell to us, we hope to always show you the RCNH difference.

Many newsletters are now selling bullion gold and silver to take advantage of these uncertain times.  Keep in mind, we’ve always offered bullion services to our clients.  I’ve checked some of these newsletter prices and have never seen any that come close to ours.  It may only be a few percent to 10% savings but on bullion that goes a long way.

Keep us in mind for all your rare coin and bullion needs.  I believe you’ll be glad you did.

Best Wishes,


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