Baltimore Show Update 11/20/2013

on 20 November 2013. Posted in News

Thankfully it’s over.  It started and ended the same way….with a whimper.  Don’t get me wrong, we were deluged the day before the show and the opening day, for dealers mainly.  We sold almost $200,000 worth of coins and purchased $725.  Most of that was dealer to dealer.  Where have all the retail collectors gone?  I am seriously thinking about giving up our table and just doing Wednesday and Thursday.  Paul & Joe did the show for us.  I took the time to stay at the office and rest my trick knee.  On Wednesday I received a call from a prominent dealer thanking me for having not just new fresh material but also fairly priced coins.  It was nice of him to call me from the show.

Knowledgeable buyers know how hard it is to come by coins that represent good value and are original.  My concern is for the lack of retail or end user collectors that come to the show and aren’t interested at all in learning about what they are buying.  The sludge offered to us at shows continues to amaze me!  Over-graded , over-dipped & unappealing to knowledgeable buyers, but great for those that think 50 to 200 year old coins should be stark white and stripped away of any vestige of originality.  The evidence is our $725 worth of purchases.

The auction was horrid.  Go to a viewing and listened to dealers looking at lots.  You’ll hear how one dealer can remove spots, dip or re-dip, re-surface, fix, tool, etc. and that’s before you take your seat to look!  Hardly any fresh coins for sale at the auction or the show.

I want to thank those of you that allow us to assist them with coins.  I assure you, your coins will be selected with care & knowledge.  The proof will be in the pudding when you sell.

Thanks again.

Warren Mills

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