Market Update June 2014

on 20 June 2014. Posted in News

Please be aware that there are a lot of potentially volatile situations going on all over the world, this could impact the gold and silver markets dramatically.  If you need to reposition your bullion holdings, we are happy to help.  Our normal 1% mark-up on gold and 2% on silver over cost is always a good opportunity for our clients.  Recent comments on inflation may also fuel the fires.  My thoughts are to not be too late to the party.  Price averaging on bullion with fund allocations at different times is a great strategy.

The coin market is moving along.  It's the same old story, not enough nice coins for those that know the difference.  Our inventory is getting wiped out and we are doing our best to find the nicest coins possible.

New dealer strategy at auctions;

Since there is a noted lack of fresh material on the market, dealers now at auctions are extending themselves and paying large premiums.  The hope is that they will have more hits than misses at grading and the coins that are hits will offset the misses price-wise.  The grading services recognize original deals and more often than not you may get the benefit of the doubt on a finer coin.

The Pogue collection will enter the coin market in auctions starting in 2015.  If there is a good strategy used for these sales, it could gain huge exposure for coins.  The auction of this collection could bring over a half a billion dollars.  Look for interesting times ahead.


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