Michigan State Show Update! 12/1/14

on 04 December 2014. Posted in News

I’ve never been to the Michigan State Show so I decided it was time to take a trip out there and see how it was.  I always heard this was a strong collector show but it is held on Thanksgiving weekend, which is probably why I’ve never attended!  I had a good feeling about the show and anticipated a nice mix of coins.  There were about 150 dealers with tables.  Driving in from the Detroit airport, I was depressed at all of the dilapidated buildings that I could see while driving to the show.  Unfortunately, this was a harbinger of things to come.  There was a good amount of public attendance and I liked the fact that the show organizers required a government I.D. to enter the show.  Once inside, I started looking at the tables and the lack of fresh material was a huge disappointment.  The dealers I knew there said that it was a well below average Michigan State Show from the standpoint of the mix of coins and that I should try it again.  There was also an impressive auction catalog of ungraded “raw” coins being sold by a local numismatic auction firm.  The catalog gave the impression that the coins were mostly high grade and the pictures were beautiful.  Once I started looking at the lots I realized why the coins were not graded, they were horrible!  As one national dealer said to me, “You can really get hurt in this auction there are a ton of trap coins here.”  Other dealers I spoke to about auction lots were also disappointed.  This seems like a theme lately. The lack of fresh material is making it hard to keep a nice inventory.  My advice, when you find the fresh coin for your collection, buy it and don’t look back.  Another nice piece may not come around for a while.

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