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Our own Joe Presti, resident attorney and professional numismatist has been appointed by President of the New Hampshire Senate, Charles Morse to the Commission to Study Regulatory Requirements for Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers. 

Police departments across the country are attempting to pass pawnbroker and secondhand dealer laws meant to combat the trafficking of stolen merchandise but an unintended consequence in some cases is that it is making it cumbersome to do normal coin dealer business.  New Hampshire has passed a state wide law that addresses these issues that towns normally deal with on an individual basis.  The law has been sent to a study committee and the bill requires that an individual from the coin dealer industry be appointed to assist with the final version of this bill before being forwarded to the Governor for her signature.

Because of the commitment of consumer protection that RCNH has maintained and the experience Joe has in working on behalf of victims of fraud he was more qualified than anyone else in the state to be appointed to this committee.

We congratulate Joe and wish him well on the committee.



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ANA Report – August 5-8, 2014

This year I decided to give up our corner table at the ANA.  It was impossible to justify the $2,500 expense and we have more flexibility.  Paul and I worked on the floor and Joe did the auctions.

We started right away with a snafu.  We were held up at the airport for an hour beyond normal.  We got to the show and security was closed so I had to bring our bags to the hotel and Paul went onto the ANA floor.  I ended up losing another hour and when I finally got to the show I was not allowed to buy early bird badges.  The early bird badges are a whopping $150 per badge.  The ANA rep said they ran out of badges.  I believe they gave them all to the bused in buyers a few dealers hired to stand in line for JFK mint products.  So you had dealers that normally walk the floor all week and advanced collectors that stay most of the week that were denied doing hours of potential business.  I know it’s hard for the ANA or the dealers that bused in people to judge the ramifications but this was poorly thought out in the pursuit  of money.  I will not be surprised if lawsuits arise from the auctions of a few dealers.  I hope the ANA bills these dealers for any extra security costs too!  The mint should use a lottery system to allocate new and popular mint issues.  Doing it the way they currently are allows for too much short term price manipulation.  I am also worried about future show security.  Many of the people who were bused in were grouped up in clusters around the show all day, watching what was going on.  I believe the potential for future security problems is great.

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At the last minute, I decided to take a trip to the Baltimore Summer show.  It’s about 2/3’s the size of the spring and fall show but we needed to shore up our inventory so I took a shot that I might find some nice coins.  Since we handle soup to nuts in coins, from nice collector circulated pieces to high grade specialized issues, but only if they are solid exceptional coins for the grade so I jumped on a plane.  I’m glad I did!  Some of the dealers went with no inventory for sale but many did set up and I managed to acquire a few cream of the crop coins.  The attendance was better than I expected.  Most of the dealers I spoke to were disappointed with their sales.  I am fortunate that some of the dealers know our demand for top quality and when I came by their table, they showed me the secret stash.  In many instances the stash changed hands to RCNH.  There was very little in CAC coins available, especially in gold and type coins.  In the end, I was extremely happy with my purchases and I will do it again.  Overall, I’d recommend the show.  It was a huge surprise and very pleasant.

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Please be aware that there are a lot of potentially volatile situations going on all over the world, this could impact the gold and silver markets dramatically.  If you need to reposition your bullion holdings, we are happy to help.  Our normal 1% mark-up on gold and 2% on silver over cost is always a good opportunity for our clients.  Recent comments on inflation may also fuel the fires.  My thoughts are to not be too late to the party.  Price averaging on bullion with fund allocations at different times is a great strategy.

The coin market is moving along.  It's the same old story, not enough nice coins for those that know the difference.  Our inventory is getting wiped out and we are doing our best to find the nicest coins possible.

New dealer strategy at auctions;

Since there is a noted lack of fresh material on the market, dealers now at auctions are extending themselves and paying large premiums.  The hope is that they will have more hits than misses at grading and the coins that are hits will offset the misses price-wise.  The grading services recognize original deals and more often than not you may get the benefit of the doubt on a finer coin.

The Pogue collection will enter the coin market in auctions starting in 2015.  If there is a good strategy used for these sales, it could gain huge exposure for coins.  The auction of this collection could bring over a half a billion dollars.  Look for interesting times ahead.


Best Wishes,


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Yes, I went there, I invoked Shakespeare to get your attention.  This article is going to deal with how unrealistic it is to attempt to purchase coins sight unseen, even graded coins, via auction.  Then, hopefully next month I will address selling coins via auction.

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