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A Coin Lovers Odyssey

     I decided to take a couple of days and go to the June Baltimore Show.  With our stance for original coins, we were getting thin.  So off I went for Wednesday private showings and all day Thursday.  Normally, I do not do the summer show because of dealer and collector vacationing.  In my opinion, the show is a shell of the fall and spring extravaganza…and so it was this summer.

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In my opinion, Baltimore Spring & Fall are must attends for active dealers and experienced coin enthusiasts.  Everyone that has a decent to great coin inventory usually attends.  The show was very well attended by the public:  a lot of activity in silver and gold eagles but a more broad based activity in many series.   With the overwhelming interest in bullion, many dealers are now switching over and grading bullion coins and selling them for huge premiums.  Beware of graded bullion; buy them raw and certify them yourself!  The word is that dealers are making so much money selling people graded bullion that they aren’t dealing in rare coins anymore.  I’ve heard this said:  “I’ve never made so much money in my life,”  “Why try to sell real coins to knowledgeable buyers when you can fleece newbies with no effort.”    Sad…isn’t it.  No interest for the client’s well being or stewardship for the industry.

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I neglected to write anything about the F.U.N. show in January because I was awaiting the outcome on the coin doctoring meetings.   Many dealers recycle the same old dribble about how great every show is and that you should buy coins.  We like to give a true, how we feel perspective on everything.  So allow me to touch on a few pertinent points.

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This short but very informative article was published on Yahoo finance recently and is a hard dose of reality.  PIMCO co-founder Bill Gross who is high regarded and the world's bond guru is confirming what many of us in the hard asset aready already know, that the US debt problem cannot be easily solved.

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Part II
The following is reprinted from Maurice Rosen's annual Crystal Ball Survey.  Warren was one of five nationally recognized experts asked to answer Maurice's questions and give his picks for the upcoming year.  His answers for the first half of the survey appear below with the second half coming next month.

In the introduction of the participants Maurice introduced Warren Mills as "a past panelist here, is known for his high ethics and outspokenness."

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