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Recently, our Chief Numismatist, Warren Mills was looking through the inventory of a nationally recognized dealer.  While looking through his coins, the dealer asked Warren what percentage of RCNH coins CAC’d.  Warren told him that we had about an 80% success rate. The dealer then told Warren that he recently bought a deal of old RCNH coins, sent them to CAC and made thousands of extra dollars even though not all of the coins CAC’d.  Warren congratulated him and the fact that he made additional money for the client.  What the dealer said next astonished Warren.  He acknowledged that he bought the coins from the client first, then sent them to CAC so he could make the extra money for himself.

While this shouldn’t surprise anyone, this is not the practice of RCNH.  When a client contacts us to liquidate their coins, we always examine them and suggest which coins we think should be sent to CAC.  We always attempt to maximize the value for the client.

We may not have had the opportunity to speak for a period of time since you have purchased coins from RCNH in the past.  So, we are asking you to please contact us to discuss the process of sending your coins to CAC.  The cost is minimal when you consider that some coins can double in price, while the average increase is around 20-30%. 

Even if you are not considering selling your coins at this moment, please do not wait until the last minute when you have to sell.  Or worse yet, your heirs want to sell them and they don’t know how to proceed.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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  Summer of 2019 Edition

Summer 2019
By Warren Mills

It’s hard to believe that June is here and soon we will be in the dog days of summer.  This is a classic time for the market to slow down.  Keep an eye on the Middle East, and have your emergency bullion stash in place just in case. 

The market seems very slow right now.  Smaller coin shows are very quiet and the Summer Baltimore Show was slow and poorly attended.  There are not many nice coins entering the market, but when they do, they are aggressively sought after.  However, there are great coins in the market that are just languishing too!  Gold coins seem to have the most aggressive buyers, but there are the odd and wonderful 19th century silver type issues and 20th century rarer top pop silver pieces that are sitting.  I’m not sure if customers need to be reeducated on the history of these issues or if they are doomed to idly sit until the market wakes up and realizes how rare and neat these numismatic jewels are.  Type coins for decades were the bread and butter of numismatics, it’s a wonder how tastes change! 

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by Warren Mills

Central States has a great venue for the show in Schaumburg, IL.  It’s just outside of Chicago with very easy access from O’Hare.  I love the fact that the show is contained in the hotel where it is held.  The Renaissance Schaumberg Convention Center Hotel is a wonderful facility.  The rooms are nice and the convention center easily holds all of the dealers for the show.  It is primarily a wholesale convention.  Walk up dealers are charged a $125 entry fee, so you better be there to do business!  The public is charged a $5 entry fee, which keeps some collectors away, but the ones that come are aggressive buyers.  Add the major auction by Heritage and you have a great take.

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Over 150 Years Of Combined Numismatic Experience At Your Disposal.

  Spring of 2019 Issue

Welcome to a New Issue of The Rare Coin Enthusiast
by Warren Mills

As a follow up to our last Enthusiast, we are contacting our clients to have them consider sending many of their old purchases from us to CAC.  If the economic justification is there to pay the small fee and shipping, it’s a no brainer.  Our most recent results for our last three customers were 8 for 11, 9 for 11 and 3 for 3.  I know it’s only 80%, but that is way above the industry average by about double!  One of the coins became the one and only top pop gold piece for the grade!  It is now a Pop 1 with none finer for CAC and only a pop of 2 at PCGS with none finer.  The 5 coins that did not work out were nice original pieces, but the toning was a little deep.  Overall, we had a happy group of customers that added many thousands of dollars to the value of their coins, increased their demand dramatically and also their liquidity!  When you factor in the CAC fees and a modest shipping charge, the 11 coin submissions in total were less than $200 and the 3 coin submission was well under $100.  And all 3 of the coins on that submission were nice gold coins.  The bottom line is if you are remotely contemplating selling at some point or want to get things in order for your heirs, send you coins to CAC or leave specific instructions to do so.

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by Warren Mills

I really enjoy going to the Baltimore Show.  This spring event is normally later in March, so it was a surprise to walk to the convention center on Friday in about 2 to 3 inches of snow.  The climate was cold and so was the retail traffic!  Thursday retail was quiet and so was Friday.  However, the dealer to dealer business was good.  Flight schedules changed coming out of Manchester, so I arrived on Wednesday, later than normal.  I went to the hotel to see where everyone was set up and found out that rooms were reserved for dealers at the convention center.
When I arrived at the convention center, activity was brisk.  I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to, but the pre-show buying was good.  Most of the dealers I spoke with are starting the year on a good note, with a lot of client interest.  I was hoping that the prior day was going to be a harbinger for the show itself, but I was wrong!  I was able to acquire about half of what I was hoping to spend.  What a disappointment!  There just wasn’t enough nice material to consider for acquisition.  Low-end to marginal graded coins are everywhere.  I feel this will only get worse.  If you are hoping to acquire nice coins in the future, get on your horse now and start working.  I’m still seeing people getting sucked in to paying gigantic premiums for auction coins, that in many instances the same quality could be purchased on the bourse floor for half the price.  However, there are truly exceptional coins that come up in auctions that you may never see again.  To those that know what they want and have the money to spend, I salute you!

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