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It was an interesting show and experience this year!  Paul and I left early on the morning of January 3rd for the sunny climes of Ft. Lauderdale.  It gave us an extra day before the show opened on Wednesday afternoon to do some business and view auction lots for our clients.  One of our clients wanted me to look at (4) 1892-O Morgan Dollars all graded the same in MS-65 condition.  I hope you know by now that we do not care what the holder says.  We need to see the coin to verify the grade!  I thought three of the pieces were commercial over-graded examples and one was a real gem!  The lots go off and the three commercial examples sold for around $3,700 each.  Grey sheet bid is $6,500.  The true gem brought over $10,000!   Wow…that goes to show that if you try and sell great coins, they bring strong money and are in strong demand.  That was the theme of the auction.  Accurate strict for grade coins were very strong and commercial junk was left for telemarketing fodder.

The show opened to a nice buzz of activity.  Dealers were looking for coins.  The next day, collectors came in and were actively filling want lists.  A super fresh group of over 100 crisp original 1932 $10 Indians broke and the nicest pieces were snapped up immediately.  There was a lack of great coins for the grade on the bourse.  You had to work hard to find nice coins.  I wish collectors would try harder to seek education in what they buy.  Many early bust coins were stripped and collectors were purchasing them for their sets.  It’s sad to see because it is the educated buyer that buys the best for the grade and leaves the rest.  Then they end up with a great, always in demand collection when they sell; re-read the 1892-O Morgans in the auction.

Then on Friday, we heard an awful announcement from the message center about the shooting at the airport.  I felt bad because my first thought was how is that going to affect our traveling plans.  I asked the Lord to forgive me and offered up prayers for the people that were adversely affected.  The police presence and heightened security ratcheted up dramatically.  It’s a sad thing to see that society has degraded so much.  The show however, continued to hum along.  Many streets were closed off outside and when we came back from dinner, police motorcycles and tactical unit buses were everywhere, heading to the airport.

Saturday was devoted more to assisting dealers changing flights and conversing about the events on Friday.  One dealer was so tight on his budget that I paid for his flight home!  The folks that run F.U.N. were great.  We asked them for permission to leave early and they said “no problem.”  We wanted to get to the airport early to be sure we could get through security and check if our flights were still leaving on time.  We also had a storm coming up the coast and many flights were cancelled.  However, the Lord delivered and we managed to touch down at the airport before 12:00 a.m.  God was very good to us.

I took some time to speak with some old time dealers that amazed me about the deals that broke years ago.  I may interview some of them for our newsletter.  Scott Travers was kind to invite me to his seminar which he said he would give me recognition, but I was too busy looking for coins.  Overall, F.U.N. was a strong show; the best in years and security was great.

I also wanted to mention that two numismatists from the Liberty Seated Collectors Club brought an 1872-S Seated Half in AU-55 PCGS for Paul and I to see.  It was straight graded, even though it was obviously cleaned.   They asked me to examine the coin.  It was a very deceptive counterfeit!  It was so good that I could not tell.  The giveaway was the die marriage between the obverse and reverse was incorrect.  Also, with lax grading of cleaned coins, diagnostics are removed, so it is harder to tell.  Bottom line….this coin also fooled PCGS.  We’ve been warning for years that a tidal wave of counterfeits is coming.  It’s time to get prepared.  Also, try to buy original coins where diagnostics can be examined.

Alas, our new purchases are a bit meager.  I was able to find some great coins, but many went to our existing want lists.  We’ll try to have them on our website soon.  If there is anything I can help you with, please call or e-mail me anytime.


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Over 200 Years Of Combined Numismatic Experience At Your Disposal.

  January 2017 Issue

A Newsletter By:

The Rosen Numismatic Advisory:
The 2017/2018 Crystal Ball Survey, Part-1

Answers By Warren Mills

Welcome to our 1st issue of the 2017 RCNH Rare Coin Enthusiast.  As I wrote in our December issue, I was asked to contribute my thoughts on the market in the Rosen Numismatic Advisory.  Maurice does a good job in getting to the heart of the matter with his questions.  Please find information on his newsletter subscription at the end of the article.
I’ve included for our readers the questions I was asked and my responses.  If you wish to see the responses of his other panel members which included John Albanese, Don Ketterling, Rick Snow, Scott Travers & John Feigenbaum, feel free to contact Maurice.  If you have any questions about my responses, feel free to call or e-mail me at your convenience.
Part One of the responses will appear this month and with his permission, Part Two will be in our February issue.

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Over 200 Years Of Combined Numismatic Experience At Your Disposal.

  December 2016 Issue

A Newsletter By:

My Thoughts On Last Month’s Interview With John Albanese

By Warren Mills

My comments and thoughts about our interview in the November issue of our newsletter with John Albanese, a founder of PCGS, and the founder of NGC and CAC.
I think it is important for our friends and clients to get my perspective on John’s answer to my questions.  RCNH has long been known as a company that buys the coin and not the holder.  We’ve always been strong proponents for collectors enhancing their grading skills and helping them to do so.  The proof has always been in the pudding.  We are aggressively pursued by the major auction companies to consign our coins for them to offer for sale.  And many clients that we’ve helped with Registry Sets and just filling in holes for their collections have told us that many of their best coins were purchased from us.  Many of our coins, when consigned to auction, have set record prices for the grade.
Please find my thoughts here on John’s answers:

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By Warren Mills

I arrived in Baltimore on the morning of Wednesday, November 2nd for 3 days of diligent searching at the Whitman Coin Show.  We are starting to see a bit of a turnaround in business activity.  So my sole purpose in Baltimore was to buy coins for our inventory.  As soon as I arrived at the hotel, it was all business.  I saw about ten dealers pre-show at the hotel and purchased something from all of them.  That’s a good start!  When the show opened on Thursday morning, it was one deal after another.  There was a fair buzz throughout the show and steady activity.  Some dealers had a good day on Thursday but a so-so day on Friday and vice versa.  I can’t say the market is hot, but I was pleased with the selection of coins I found.  It was unusual for me to find exceptional coins that we could immediately place in want lists.  The only drawback is that even though it was the best show I’ve had for buying in years, almost everything was immediately placed with customers.  If you go to our site, you will not see the usual mix we have after a major show.  Virtually every 5-figure coin I purchased went right to our eager base of client friends.  I spent anywhere from 2 to 4 times what I normally spend at a show and virtually all of it is gone already. 

Please view our new purchases which are now less than 40 coins, which is only 1/3 of the coins I purchased at the show!  It’s a nice feeling to sell 2/3rd’s of our new inventory before we can even post it!  However, I apologize for having fewer coins posted than normal but it’s for an excellent reason.  I will try to add pieces here and there as new items of interest come our way.

I’ve been asked again to participate in the annual Crystal Ball Survey for The Rosen Numismatic Advisory.  I will post the questions and my answers as soon as Maurice gives me the okay.  This survey is a good read for anyone with a mild to major interest in the coin market.  You will see it on our e-letter probably in December.

I can always use questions to answer for our e-letter too!  So if any burning thoughts are running through your mind, please let me know.



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Over 200 Years Of Combined Numismatic Experience At Your Disposal.

  November 2016 Issue


A Newsletter By:

Interview With PCGS, NGC And
CAC Founder John Alabanese

By Warren Mills


I told our readers that I wanted to ask a few important questions to clarify some points about CAC.  John Alabanese was kind enough to answer my questions and give his honest opinions.  For brevity, I condensed answers to address the most pertinent points.

Why start CAC?
The reason, Warren, was because guys like you and me have always bought and selected nice coins for the grade and lower-end coins for grade were dragging down the market.   Lower-end coins punished high end coins for the grade, and I saw a need to separate the two so that the non-expert coin buyers could identify solid coins for the grade. 

How is the market acceptance of CAC coins?

Memberships and Affiliations