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Well I was ready, willing but unable to attend the summer Baltimore Show.  My reservations were in but my back was out!  I enjoy the summer show because it is not as well attended so the occasional deal surfaces.  But for this one, I will never know.  I heard the show was fairly dead but one great coin can turn a tough show into a good one.

What’s going on with the metals?  This question can be answered with dealings going on in China.  Whether they sold some of their gold or purposely understated their reserves, the price has dropped.  To me it’s opportunity.  The shift of gold from West to East does not bode well for the future.  Say what you will but historically it has been said that he who owns the gold, makes the rules.  If that’s the case, I am concerned about the Reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar and the ramifications for our economy.  The economic meetings in October could be significant for the world.

Metals are dropping but premiums are escalating and there is virtually no supply of silver to be had.  This flies in the face of economic sense.  Usually prices drop when there is an over-supply.  We tried to order 2 bags of junk silver and were laughed at!  I expected maybe two weeks out for delivery but this is the first time I could not place the order.  I gave a standing order to fill on one bag when it becomes available.  The premium on early U.S. circ gold is also rising.  My question is “who’s manipulating what?”  Don’t wait too long to price average, things could get dicey fast!

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I made a last minute decision to go to the Central States Show in Schaumberg, IL.  It’s been over 10 years since I attended one, so it was time.  Dealer setup was Wednesday with a nifty little $100 Early Bird entry fee.  I reluctantly paid but it was worth it to get an early shot at fresh material.  Dealer Day was quiet.  It was like going to church on a Friday afternoon!  This gave me a chance to cover the bourse quickly and go out with a couple of our clients to appraise their collection.  Thursday saw a decent amount of public attendance which I was thankful for.  Yes, there still is some life in the coin business.  I’m guessing that there were about 250 tables total. Overall, a bit of a quiet show but we did find some very select pieces for our customers.  Please check our new inventory listings at your leisure. 

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I didn’t know that Baltimore was called the “charm city.”  I’ve always called it the city of sirens because that’s what you hear all night in your hotel room.  You could take our experience at the recent Baltimore show and plunk it down at any major show and it would be the same story, a lack of fresh material.  It is incredible that at a major show with several hundred dealers such an absence of material was so evident.  When I speak of rare coins I am using that term interchangeably with fresh material because the same old coins that are in dealers cases are still there show after show.  The same pattern of behavior became clear after speaking with several major dealers.  They buy coins at auction or on the floor of a show, play the upgrade game and take their shots with the retail public and if the coin doesn’t sell it reappears in auction in a few months.  The result is a lot of recycled material with some fresh coins smattered throughout.  I even saw a few coins we sold in the past that were upgraded and now are in plus holders or a full point higher.  Nice coins are always nice!

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As with most questions like this the answer is it depends.  Gold over the last month has taken it on the chin going down in price from about the $1200/oz level to the $1150 /oz level.  It is no wonder that gold and tangibles have reacted downward with the dollar on an unprecedented run especially against the Euro.

How are tangibles going to perform in the future?  We got a brief preview on Wednesday afternoon (March 18, 2015) after Fed Chair Janet Yellen spoke.  To prove how the market is on pins and needles Ms. Yellen eliminated one work, “patience” from her speech and the market went crazy.  Within minutes the gains the dollar made for the day were eliminated, gold went from down $9/oz to up $20/oz and oil went from down $1-$2/bbl throughout the day to up $2.50/bbl after her speech.

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