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What do the Just For Fun, Land of Smiles and Walter Freeman have in common?

They are all record setting eye-popping, unbelievable coin collections that RCNH had a major hand in assembling.

How would you like to have a group of numismatists working on your behalf that have made a mark in numismatic history!  Just give us a call or e-mail to make it happen.  All these recently sold collections you can view in the auction archives of Stacks/Bowers as well as Heritage.

 We hope to hear from you!



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We are very blessed to work at our hobby and don’t take it lightly to be stewards of the numismatic field.  It can be frustrating to see long time clients that get impatient and get sold a bill of goods but that can happen in any field.  Our stance of “buying the coin and not the holder” along with “quality doesn’t cost it pays,” are what we believe.  It is a nice feeling to be trusted to provide great value, beauty and future demand by selling the nicest coins in the industry. 

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Paul and I left New Hampshire early on Tuesday, January 8thfor the show.    We arrived and stayed for a week of 80 degree temperatures and no rain with a nice breeze too!  On Tuesday we traveled to various hotels in the area to view fresh dealer inventory and show some of our coins.  As usual, our coins were eagerly sought after and acquired.  So our selling was consistent but buying was brutal.  It’s one thing to price a nice coin for strong money but virtually anything halfway decent was being offered at double bid or more.

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 By Joseph Presti

An analysis of bullion vs. $20 Saint Gaudens by Joseph Presti 12/20/2012

There is no doubt about it, gold has been the darling investment, having risen from $280/oz. in January 2002 to approximately $1725/oz. at the end of 2012.  That type of appreciation has propelled gold bullion (bullion) from a fringe investment to the mainstream having attracted Wall Street attention.

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Metals are drafting down a bit and this trend may continue for the foreseeable future.  I attribute this to concern about the fiscal cliff and Eurozone uncertainty.  Joe and I were discussing this today and I believe that during an emergency, when liquidity becomes a concern, gold and silver will be liquidated as a last resort.  With deficit obligations closer to $90 trillion, not $16 trillion, it’s just a matter of time before the bomb drops.  Use this as a price average opportunity.

When we came back from Baltimore, I went through our retail inventory and sent in 29 coins to CAC.  Just got the results and “only” 28 of them CAC’d and not one gold sticker.  I guess I’m slipping.  I really like 19th Century Type and MS-64 or better numismatic gold at these levels.  A counterfeit bullion scare will act as catalyst for rare coins, watch for further news.



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