Gold Alert

Thank you all for the great responses to the last alert. I am still catching up to answer all of the questions and thank people for their kind thoughts and feedback.

The new alert has to do with gold bullion and $20 gold pieces. Yesterday we noticed a switch in pricing by the mint distributors and large bullion supply businesses. They are now basing their sell prices on gold futures! Futures prices are usually about $50 above gold spot. Yet they are still buying based on gold spot. ...
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Important Counterfeit Alert

The country is facing some very serious challenges now. Many people are trying to purchase gold and silver as a protection position. Supplies are getting very thin and premiums have escalated. In many instances, alternative forms of bullion are being offered to clients. We are offering 40% silver, cull dollars, circ dollars, MS-63 & MS-64 Morgan dollars as examples.

Recently, I examined a large amount of circulated pre-1930 US gold coins that a customer had. We always offer free...
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Market & COVID-19 Report

Normally I am issuing a report for the March Baltimore Show. The show was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As of now, the Central States Convention and all of our smaller local and regional shows have been cancelled through April.

The bank we are located in is changing their hours to open from 9am – 2pm. We have access to our inventory, which is kept in the bank vaults, but that access has been shortened. If they go to a closed lobby and drive-thru only, or close altoge...
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A Brief Study of the Impact on Auction Results of CAC Stickered Coins

I have been challenged by a few who still resist CAC coins. Here are a few reasons for that resistance:

  1. Some feel if a grading company grades a coin as an MS65, it must be an MS65 – what difference could a sticker make? Another expense.
  2. Some have seen stickered coins that they feel don’t deserve a sticker, and that CAC is not perfect. (Who is?)
  3. Technical grading is not always in line with eye appeal, and some varieties of toning may not be a...
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Questions from our Mailbag

Hi Warren,
I bought some very nice coins from RCNH over the years and then lost interest for a while.  I sent the coins I acquired from you about ten years ago to CAC and had great success.  Almost every coin received a sticker.  Two years ago, someone got my ear and I began buying coins again.  Almost every coin from RCNH I had, I traded for higher quality examples.  I decided to have my new dealer send my coins to CAC for evaluation. ...
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