Don't Throw Your Money Away, Consider CAC

Recently, our Chief Numismatist, Warren Mills was looking through the inventory of a nationally recognized dealer.  While looking through his coins, the dealer asked Warren what percentage of RCNH coins CAC’d.  Warren told him that we had about an 80% success rate. The dealer then told Warren that he recently bought a deal of old RCNH coins, sent them to CAC and made thousands of extra dollars even though not all of the coins CAC’d.  Warren congratulated him and the fa...
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Summer 2019

It’s hard to believe that June is here and soon we will be in the dog days of summer.  This is a classic time for the market to slow down.  Keep an eye on the Middle East, and have your emergency bullion stash in place just in case. 

The market seems very slow right now.  Smaller coin shows are very quiet and the Summer Baltimore Show was slow and poorly attended.  There are not many nice coins entering the market, but when they do, they are aggressive...
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CAC Coins

As you should be aware by now, RCNH is trying to contact our older customers about sending in their past purchases to CAC for review.  Since we have an over 80% success rate with our older coins, it behooves our customers to be educated about the importance a CAC sticker may bring to your coin.  The potential for increasing demand and liquidity, as well as the profit potential, are some of the positives that a CAC sticker brings to the table.  

We recently had a custo...
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A Fish with a Coin in its Mouth

Here we are saying goodbye to spring and knocking on summer’s door.  I always look forward to this time of year because that’s when Warren and I have our annual stockholder meeting. We’ve been having this meeting every year for the last thirty years, in an 18-foot boat with a 20-horsepower motor in the wilds of Ontario, in what’s called “The Canadian Shield”.  Warren is fun to fish with because he’s as good a fisherman as he is a numismatist so...
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The Art of Grading, or Lack Thereof!

As you all know, I have sounded the alarm on over-graded and cleaned coins being certified for a long time.   I wouldn’t mind if they were labeled cleaned, altered or whatever, but these coins are grading straight up!  There is no mention of cleaning or damage, etc… John Albanese from CAC has said, “It’s harder to CAC sticker coins in XF and AU than the higher-grade uncs.”  I believe him and I have a neat example of this. 

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