News Article Has a Brand New Look!

As you all may know, we recently launched a new website design at  We finally pulled away from a our old site and had our phenomenal developer custom design us a new one.  It was a long process, but it was well worth it.  We decided to keep the site simple, modern, clean and easy to use.  There are still some small aspects to the site that we are working on, but everything is fully functional and you can place an order at any time.  With that being said, there are a few small changes and questions that have come up that I'd like to address below.

  • If you have shortcuts saved on your computer that went to the old inventory, Newps, News pages, etc.  Please delete them, go to, navigate to the page you want to create a shortcut for, then save that page as a new shortcut.  The old pages had URLs that were miles long and we cleaned that right up with the new site, unfortunately disabling any old links to any page but the homepage in the process.
  • Anyone that had an account on the old website will have to register for a new account on the new website.  We did not have the ability to migrate the accounts over to the new website as they were not compatible.  But don't worry, the registration process is very simple on the new site.
  • In the past, the old site would have coins on there that may have been sold.  This may still happen from time to time, but will be few and far between compared to before. Our inventory is now updated in real time, opposed to once a day with the old site.  This is so much better than before, but there still can be a coin or 2 that slips through the cracks.  If we handled just online orders, then it would be 100% accurate, but we do not.  Since we receive phone and email orders too, there may be a small gap between when a verbal/written order is made, written up, then processed and pulled off of the site.  If you cannot order online and really want a coin, please email or call us ASAP.  If we get multiple requests for the same coin, we always sell it to the first request we received.
  • We are in the middle of working on a new email signup form.  It should be ready very soon.  This form is similar to the old form as it will register you to receive the RCNH Newsletter, Market & Show Updates, BUT, we added a new feature.  At the bottom of the new form will have a checkbox.  Check this box if you'd like to receive emails when we add our newly purchased coins to the website.  I handle all of our photography and load these up to the site myself.  Right before I load them up to the site, I'll send out an email to these subscribers, with the list of coins being uploaded.  I will caution you though, it seems like a feeding frenzy every time I load these up, so that list will shrink quickly. This list will hopefully give you a better chance at getting a coin before someone beats you to it.  I know that some of the guys here send new purchase lists (newps) to their clients that request it and you can stick with that method, but if you decide to sign up through the website, you may want to tell your representative to remove you from their newps list as you may get 2 emails.
  • Last and probably the only negative thing I have to say about the new site is that we have unfortunately removed PayPal as a payment option.  Last October PayPal decided to change their refund policy so that they keep their fee, even if we refund the money.  In the past, if someone ordered a coin and it was already sold, we would refund the money and that was that.  Now, if you were to order using PayPal and a coin was sold, we would refund the money and PayPal would charge us the fee, even though no transaction went through.  This became a problem after I uploaded a box of newps.  Someone bought about 4 of them within minutes over the phone and 20 minutes later someone ordered the same 4 online because they hadn't been written up and taken off the site yet.  We reimbursed the money to the online customer and was charged the PayPal fee.  So in the matter of seconds we lost money for nothing.  The only online payment option now is by credit card through our secure portal.  This is absolutely easy and safe to use as it directs you to the credit card processing company, instead of inputting credit card info on our site.  This is for security reasons, as we do not store credit card information anywhere on our site in the very slim chance of a security breach.
I know this might be a lot, but I recommend going to if you haven't already, explore different pages, look at our inventory and have fun!  If you have any questions or comments regarding the new site, please feel free to email me back at, visit the Contact Us Page and fill out the form on the bottom or give us a call at 1-800-225-7264.

Thank you!