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Welcome to the Spring Edition of The Rare Coin Enthusiast

I hope that Covid is releasing its grip, but while the US is being vaccinated, the rest of the world continues to suffer.  It makes you realize that as a hobby, business or investment, coins are just so minor.  The staggering economic effects of Covid may not totally manifest themselves for a while, but manifest themselves they will!
We’ve received a large amount of thanks for caring enough about our clients for recommending they stock up on silver and platinum.  These metals have yielded substantial returns, and in some cases almost double ups from our initial Enthusiast recommendations.  Guess what?  They are still great opportunities.  We are happy to assist any and all clients with their hard asset acquisitions.  Most of our clients can’t believe we sell metals so close to our cost, but we do it as a valuable service.  If you have any questions, just ask.
I actually made arrangements to attend the Summer F.U.N. Show!  My thoughts are that by then, we may see enough people being vaccinated, that may ease Covid restrictions for conventions.  Barring any unknown strains, it looks like we may return to somewhat normal coin show scheduling by the end of this year.