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Manchester Coin Show Report 6/24-26/21

We have a nice regional coin show in New Hampshire that has about 100 dealers.  Dealers from all over the country set up tables there.  Most are vest pocket to smaller size dealers, but there is a wide range of material available.  Usually nothing in the six-figure range will be found there, but it appears to be a growing show with all health protocols in place too!
For the last two shows, we decided to share a table.  I include a mix of wholesale and retail quality coins for diversification in our displays.  The results are usually the same for any shows that we take a table.  We are besieged by dealers that buy 80 to 90% of our coins, and the 10 to 20% that go to collectors are usually wholesale quality pieces that are less expensive.  Knowledgeable buyers always want the best quality and pay more.  Less knowledgeable buyers always seek out price.
I spent more at this Manchester show than any other Manchester show I have attended.  You have to work to seek out quality, but you can find it.  The spring and fall shows are more oriented to public attendance, but if you are in New England at the time of the show, I’d say it’s a nice take.  EBW Promotions runs the show and they do a good job.
A funny thing that occurred here is a dealer that comes into our office put out some of the coins he bought from us on his table.  He said he always leaves the RCNH sticker on his coins because they sell better than CAC pieces!  I was happy to see that RCNH quality is very appreciated.