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Do You Want to Sell Coins?

We’ve been making a concerted effort to help people that are selling their collections.  We always try to go the extra mile to assure people they are getting paid a strong price.  We had a vest pocket dealer send us about a dozen coins.  He knows about CAC, but is a bit lukewarm.  I strongly recommended that he allow us to send four coins to CAC for him.  He relented and we sent them in.  One of the coins was a 1908 with Motto $10 Indian in MS-64.  An $1,800 non-CAC, and a $2,800 coin in CAC, a sizeable difference!  The coin was very nice and came back from CAC with a gold sticker.  Voila, now it is an $8,800 coin!  I suppose you can say he was happy for an honest opinion!  Three of the four coins worked at CAC too.  If you’re selling coins and not getting the same service, please give RCNH a try!
Thank you,
P.S. Watch for big things coming down in the industry!  This could be the biggest shake-up to the coin business since 1986.  We will be addressing this in the future.