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Welcome to the Summer Edition of The Rare Coin Enthusiast

By Warren Mills

I wanted to get this issue out prior to the ANA Show in Chicago.  Since this is a major show, I’ll be able to get a feel for the state of the market and will be happy to let our fellow enthusiasts in on any information I can glean from the show.  Expect a show update shortly after I return next week.
It is hard to believe that the last major show I attended was the 2020 January FUN Show.  I’m looking forward to getting a feel for the dealer attitude and coin availability from the show.  Keep in mind, there are plenty of coins available in the market and there has been all along!  However, our standard for top quality for the grade, supersedes my desire to sell just any coin for the grade.  My hope is that I can finally have an opportunity to examine many nice coins.  The ANA is a major show, so my expectations and hopes are high.