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Welcome to the Fall Edition of The Rare Coin Enthusiast

Welcome to the fall edition of the Enthusiast.  I intended to do a letter after the August ANA show but time got away from me.  We are always thankful to be busy sometimes it can get crazy.

The ANA was a welcome show because it was my first major show in almost two years.  There were many more tables than normal and the show was a great success to most dealers in attendance.  Many dealers did not adhere to the covid protocols very strictly and I was contacted after the show about a covid breakout but there were no repercussions or problems for us from the show health wise.  What I found to be very important was the broad-based support in most areas of the market.  Walkers, Dollars, gold and even commems were strong.  Most circulated collector coins were also very strong.  I wanted to get a price on two circulated Seated Halves but there were a few collectors at the table so I circled around the aisle and came back.  In that time, probably 15 minutes, both coins were gone!  Attendance was good and the venue was great, overall, the show was a great success.

New developments may be on the horizon for grading of certified coins.  Nice coins that are truly strictly graded are bringing very strong prices.  We will touch on this point in this addition of the Enthusiast.  I will also again be a panel member on the Crystal Ball Issue of the Rosen Numismatic Advisory.  

This highly anticipated issue will have five or six of the top numismatic experts in the U.S. give their opinions on the future of the coin market.  When Maurice allows me to, I will put in the Enthusiast the questions and my answers to these important topics.  I’m honored and surprised to be asked to participate again.  I always look at myself as a lover of coins.  This will be my 15th or 16th time that I have been asked for my opinions to grace the pages of the Advisory.