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Don't Throw Your Money Away, Consider CAC

Recently, our Chief Numismatist, Warren Mills was looking through the inventory of a nationally recognized dealer.  While looking through his coins, the dealer asked Warren what percentage of RCNH coins CAC’d.  Warren told him that we had about an 80% success rate. The dealer then told Warren that he recently bought a deal of old RCNH coins, sent them to CAC and made thousands of extra dollars even though not all of the coins CAC’d.  Warren congratulated him and the fact that he made additional money for the client.  What the dealer said next astonished Warren.  He acknowledged that he bought the coins from the client first, then sent them to CAC so he could make the extra money for himself.

While this shouldn’t surprise anyone, this is not the practice of RCNH.  When a client contacts us to liquidate their coins, we always examine them and suggest which coins we think should be sent to CAC.  We always attempt to maximize the value for the client.

We may not have had the opportunity to speak for a period of time since you have purchased coins from RCNH in the past.  So, we are asking you to please contact us to discuss the process of sending your coins to CAC.  The cost is minimal when you consider that some coins can double in price, while the average increase is around 20-30%. 

Even if you are not considering selling your coins at this moment, please do not wait until the last minute when you have to sell.  Or worse yet, your heirs want to sell them and they don’t know how to proceed.

We look forward to hearing from you.